Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where have I been?

In case you were wondering why my posts have been few and far between, my passion for writing about Philly sports has waned.

It was a fun experience over the past few years writing for and I enjoyed most of it.

Due to the deteriorating condition of our nation and our economy I have been inspired to write about some other things; the nation, the economy, politics, news, you name it.

You can catch my new website at

I hope to see all of you there. Thank you to all of you for supporting over the past few years.

Dennis Bakay

Monday, January 12, 2009

Headed to the desert

Eagles dismantle the Giants 23-11 and head to the NFC Championship

For anybody who remembers the 2000 playoff game between the Giants and Eagles you have to still remain bitter over it.

The Giants reportedly stole the Eagles' offensive plays through tapping of the phones and refused to sell tickets to the Eagles fans.

That still burns my ass until today. Vindication occurred yesterday as the Eagles with McNabb at the helm knocked off the defending Super Bowl champs in their stadium. It felt far more better than two years ago when the Birds knocked them off with Garcia at the helm. The defining image of the Giants fan sleeping yesterday capped off a wonderful game and an amazing playoff run thus far.

In a playoff run that looks eerily similar to the Phillies' playoff run the star are aligning just the right way for the Eagles. This is the year of the underdog as with the exception of the Steelers, three of the top four seeds in the playoffs have been jettisoned in the Divisional Round. The Titans, Giants, and Panthers all bit the dust.

With the way the Eagles' defense is playing it doesn't matter if they struggle in the redzone. Head to Arizona and put the pressure on Warner and game, set, match.

It's going to be a fun week as the Eagles have now made it to the NFC Title game for the 5th consecutive time with McNabb and Reid together.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Post Christmas Miracle

All the stars align perfectly and Eagles crush the Cowboys to send them packing

Yesterday was the happiest day ever and I was never happier to be wrong. I couldn't have been more wrong on all my prognostications. I had the Eagles losing to Dallas, Oakland falling to Tampa, and us looking at another gloomy offseason.

Boy was it great to be wrong! We witnessed a miracle yesterday. How else can you explain Oakland coming back from 10 down and the Texans upsetting the Bears?

Yesterday's turn of events was about as improbable as you'll ever see and the Eagles particularly Andy Reid and the defense deserve all the credit in the world for taking advantage of the opportunity given to them. On a day with weather that was summer-like there was definitely something strange in the air in Philly.

First off, Oakland was down 10 points with a little over 12 minutes left and came on like a house on fire to take down the Bucs.

Then shortly after that the Texans sealed the deal over the Bears in Houston.

The Eagles then at kick-off had their destiny in their hands. And, they didn't let up from the opening moments.

Chalk this one up to Reid getting back into the balancing act and the defense. Those two turnovers for TDs destroyed the Cowboys and there was no coming back from it.

One could argue this one was over once the Eagles had a two-touchdown lead in the first quarter.

No matter what happens in the playoffs (and the Eagles can go very far in a wide-open conference) the lasting image of this season will be that of Reid waving his arms up to get the crowd pumped up. Finally, he got least yesterday he did. And, the lasting image of the Cowboys will be of Romo laying face flat on the turf.

Amazing what this game has done for the fortunes of this franchise. Instead of discussing the Kolb-era it's almost a lock McNabb will return. And, you can bet Reid will return as coach. It's another story if he'll remain the GM though.

The Birds will head to Minnesota next week to take on the Vikings.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Leaving the Nest?

Sunday's game against Dallas could be McNabb's last as an Eagle

The writing is already on the wall. For a year now Howard Eskin has been saying that the "contract extension" would be the deciding factor if McNabb remains an Eagle in 2009. And, that means Joe Banner put that in his ear.

We could sit here and talk about it until we're ready to pass out by analyzing the repeated failures of the Andy Reid regime and why he shouldn't return in any capacity to the Eagles. I happen to think he'll return as coach but the brain trust will actually put a real GM in there with a voice and not just some puppet like Tom Heckert. They realize the talent evaluation on this team is sub-par and by keeping things status quo it's going to further infuriate the fanbase.

Another huge change for the Eagles organization could be at quarterback. The word is he is going to want a contract extension after the season and the timing couldn't be better for the Eagles. Andy Reid wants to save his ass and will pin this "lost season" on McNabb, who didn't have a great season as he said or even a very good season. I'd say McNabb was adequate this year. He had some good games against poor competition, didn't lead the team to any 4th quarter comeback victories (he hasn't since the Raiders game in 2005), and stunk up the stadium against the Bengals and Ravens. I still think McNabb can hang with the big boys like Manning and Brady but he needs a better coach, more weapons, and a better system. It's not happening though-at least not here.

Sunday could very well be McNabb's last as an Eagle and it will mark the end of an era of another "what could have been" story in town. He'll join the ranks of Randall, Sir Charles, and Lindros as athletes in Philly who were very successful, but didn't win the big one.

And, we can pin that on Reid. McNabb should have won at least one Super Bowl and that year was in 2003. Had Reid kept utilizing Duce Staley in the game against Tampa Bay in 2003, the game known as The Debacle I, the Eagles would have went on to play Oakland and win. However, Reid in his stubborness blew many opportunities by abandoning the run in the big games. Look at all of the Eagles meltdowns and ye shall see a laundry list of out-of-whack pass to run ratios.

As you know the Eagles will not only need to win, but they'll need Chicago to lose and Tampa to lose as well. Oh yeah, Chicago plays Houston and Tampa plays Oakland. Don't bet on both of those teams losing.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Wasted Opportunity

Eagles blow opportunity to leap frog Dallas

During yesterday's 10-3 nightmare loss there was not a single positive thing one could take away from the offensive play calling. It was quite frankly offensive.

In what is the latest chapter in Philly sports misery we witnessed some of the worst 60 minutes of offensive football you can watch.

46 passing plays were called to just 16 running plays. And, this was in a game that was never beyond reach for the Eagles.

You may know by now that 15 straight passing plays were called in a 3rd quarter in which the Eagles were down 10-0.

Suffice it to say this madman of a coach, whom has gone back to his addiction will never "get it." The Eagles were in a perfect spot to set the stage for a playoff appearance with a win yesterday and a win next week against Dallas.

The only thing, which saved the Eagles' season is the fact that the Bucs failed to get the job done at home against a San Diego Chargers team that stinks.

Now the Eagles need to beat Dallas and hope Tampa Bay loses to Oakland. And, Tampa is at home once again.

Unless a miracle happens we can expect another season without the playoffs for the Eagles. This will make it three out of four years that the Eagles will miss the playoffs.

At least they can ruin Dallas' season with a win next week. This is all we have to look forward to because Andy Reid has his head so far up his you know what he can smell the brill cream on his face, to quote Junior Soprano.

Let's think this through though. Should the Eagles finish up 9-6-1 you just know the organization will spin this somehow. They'll tell us, "if we had Brian Westbrook and Shawn Andrews healthy" or "if we had a few calls go our way" or "if (insert whatever other BS excuse)" we would have had our 6th playoff appearance in 10 years of Andy Reid's regime.

Well guess what IF's don't win a damn thing sports. If I were a betting man I'd say the Eagles keep Reid and allow him to throw McNabb under the bus and start anew with Kevin Kolb next year.

Can you say four wins? Sign me up!

And, then when the Eagles are 4-12 they can trade down in the first round for a lower pick and a future first round pick and tell us they have a plan to rebuild for the future that includes drafting more players rather than the best players.

Look how far that's gotten them in the past few years!

In a bizarro world the Eagles are a championship team. They were 3rd in the NFL in defense heading into yesterday's game and 7th in total offense. And, they'll most likely watch the playoffs in January once again.

Meanwhile their coach pulls the plug on something that's working in favor of firing away.

And, anybody with half a brain can see this isn't working. We saw it with the Flyers when they had a lack of a goalie, with the Eagles in the early part of the Reid era before they had an elite wideout, the Phillies with lack of pitching, and we see it now with Reid.

The writing is on the wall, but does the ownership care?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Two To Play

Eagles head into Sunday's contest 1/2 game behind Atlanta

Suddenly the Eagles look like contenders once again after winning three straight games and sporting the NFC's top ranked defense. Yep folks they have the top ranked defense in the NFC and third ranked in the NFL behind Pittsburgh and Baltimore.

And, the offense isn't too shabby either, clocking in at #7 in the NFL.

Why is this team fighting for their playoff lives? Is it incompetence on the part of the head coach? Is it lack of effort and toughness by the 11 and 11 on the field? Bad luck?

Probably a combination of all of these in some way, shape or form. They Eagles find themselves behind the Cowboys and Falcons, whom are 9-5 at this juncture. Meanwhile, they are sporting an 8-5-1 record and need to not only win out, but receive a bailout of their own in the form of a Vikings victory this weekend over the Falcons.

Matt Ryan on the road against the Vikings. Hmmm. I'll take that and say the Falcons win this Sunday unless they suffer a letdown. The Falcons are the NFL's best story this year, having crawled out from the depths of the ocean amongst the bottom feeders to become a contender in the NFC.

Matt Ryan is an NFL MVP candidate-yep the same Matt Ryan from our area. There hasn't been a rook in the NFL to take the most coveted individual award since Jim Brown did it over 50 years ago.

The Eagles are going to have count on a Falcons letdown this weekend or dare I say it against the Rams. And, those aren't good odds.

This season could be another case of "just what if" and they'll end up a 10-win team.

Who would have thought 10 wins couldn't get you in the playoffs in the woeful NFC. Newsflash, the NFC has gotten much better. Just like the Eastern Conference in the NBA.

There's little doubt that the Eagles will run over the Redskins this weekend. The Skins are a dead team and their coach as yours truly predicted, is a joke. And, little Danny Snider will fire him at season's end and hire his 27th head coach in the past 10 years.

And, what pray tell was the NFL thinking by putting the Eagles-Skins and Falcons-Vikings games on at the same time? Sure, they couldn't bump the Panthers and Giants from the spotlight, because that game has implications for who is the top team in the conference (great move trading for Carolina's 1st rounder by the way Big Red) but at the very least they should have put one of the games on at 1:00.

I wouldn't want a Sunday night game anyway. I don't know about you, but I'm about suck of staying up late to watch the Eagles on prime time. Some of us have to get up at 6:00 in the morning for work you know.


The State of the Sixers = Sad

Sure, the Sixers are coming off a 2-game winning streak, but lets just put a fork into this team now shall we.

The easiest job in the world is being a Monday Morning Quarterback, but a GM's job is to not F up.

I praised the move of signing Elton Brand and still think he'll pan out-well at least I hope so.

However, there is no reason in hell the Sixers should have ever signed a second-rate player like Andre Iguodala for that kind of contract when he still had a year left on his rookie deal!

Heck, they should have let him walk if he wanted that kind of money. This is the kind of contract Billy King would have signed a player too. And, now the Sixers are stuck with a middle of the road player on their roster making superstar money.

And, unless Isiah Thomas is reincarnated or possesses the mind of a GM in this league the Sixers are going to be back in salary cap hell for the next few years.

After all they went through to get out of cap hell, they decided to sink right back into it.

What the hell was Stefanski thinking? I thought the guy was a smart basketball guy. Boy was I wrong.

So were so many of us.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sloppy Blowout

Eagles win 30-10 but look sloppy in the process

Those are two words you rarely see in the same sentence of phrase, but the Eagles were sloppy in their blowout win over the Browns last night.

First off, before I get crucified, the Eagles should get credit for overcoming their Monday Night jinx and beating who they should have.

By no means was it a great win and there was some real head-scratching moments, but there was no moment where I or any rational person thought they would lose.

Steve Olenski breaks down this snooze fest in his Morning After blog.

G Cobb thinks B West should have been worked a little less in this game.

And, Jon Runyan hit a milestone last night-his 200th NFL game and 190th consecutive start.

And, once again they nearly gave up a TD before the half. Just what McNabb was thinking on that throw is beyond me. The DeSean Jackson pass on the goal line was another Andy Reid special (stupid play).

All in all it was an OK win by the Birds. Asante Samuel took advantage of a horrific throw by Dorsey and looked like a player that deserved that fat contract...until he nearly dropped the damn ball before the goal line DeSean Jackson style. Fortunately the Birds got the extra point off before the play could be reviewed.

The Eagles are on a short week and take on the Skins next who are in the midst of their annual late-season implosion. Ah, it feels good to be right. Not only was I right about Zorn being a boob, but the Skins have imploded once again.

That's all for now.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Phillies sign Chan Ho Park

Say goodbye to Jamie Moyer people. The Phils have inked Chan Ho Park to a contract.

Yes, the same Chan Ho Park who hasn't done jack squat since 2001.

So, the Phillies are going to replace their third starter Jamie Moyer with a borderline 5th starter in a hitter's ballpark.

Huge downgrade.

And, Chan Ho Park said publicly that the reason why he chose Philly is because he will start here.

You can forget about them signing Derek Lowe now. This is the Phillies' plan for replacing Moyer.

I gave the signing of Ibanez an A, but this signing gets a stone cold F.

Today the Phillies are a weaker team than when they were on Ocober 27th.

We caught up to Ruben Amaro today about this horrid signing and he had this to say.

"F**k you Bakay. I have to listen to your horses**t every time I don't go out and spend $100 million on some big name pitcher. What did the signing of Kevin Brown do for the Dodgers. Or, how about the signing of Randy Johnson for the Yankees. What in the f**k did that do for them? They watched in October", said Amaro as he spilled coffee on himself.

I guess Amaro never heard of Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling, or Roger Clemens. These were all big-name signings who enabled their teams to win championships.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Bye Bye Pat

Pat Burrell era comes to a close with Phils' signing of Ibanez

Raise your hand if you're a little saddened by the end of the Pat Burrell era.

Sure, he drove us nuts at times and when things got bad he didn't come up big, but he really did help to get this team into the playoffs in 2007. 2008 was a bit of an up and down year. He started off the year like a house on fire and slumped in the latter months.

But, he epitomized what it is to be an athlete in Philadelphia-he's a hard worker. You can't take that away from him.

Gonna be sad to see him go, but Raul Ibanez isn't exactly chopped liver. The Phils have signed the former Mariners outfielder to $30 million over 3 years. Yes he's 35 years old, but he gives the Phils a bat that produces 20-plus homers and over 100 RBIs annually. And, he did that in Seattle. The 36 year-old outfielder hit .293 with 23 homers and 110 RBIs last year.

Fans are going apes**t about this signing though because god forbid the Phillies add "another lefthander" in the lineup. Is the lineup too heavy on lefthanders sure, but they can break it up with Werth and Victorino. Don't forget that Rollins can switch hit.

I give this signing a B-plus. Good move by Rube.


TO is losing his mind again

In case you haven't heard, T.O. is losing it once again. This time he's accusing Tony Romo and Jason Witten of conspiring against him by putting together a secret gameplan that cuts him out of the plans.

One of our people in the Dallas area spoke to TO about this.

"Look, I know what Tony and Jason are doing and the s**t aint cool. Terrell doesn't want to be left out of the loop. Terrell wants to win a Super Bowl and the only way to do it is if Terrell gets the ball as much as possible. And, that aint happening. I know they is conspiring. And, I know this because history repeats itself. You know Hitler's soliders wanted to shoot him because they was jealous of the man. And, like any great leader I had Jeff Garcia conspiring against me in Frisco. In fact he tried to make me a gay. And, in Philly Donovan and Andy plotted against me.", said Owens as he shot some baskets outside his driveway.


Whitey's Picks Week 15

Whitey's Weekly Winners
Last Week: 9-7
YTD ATS: 102-101-2

Monday night games are killing me this year (losing 10 of 14 on Monday Nights- that
is hard to do if I tried to lose the damn pick!).
Now I'm just in a pissed off mood...

Super Bowl Prediction
Giants over Titans

Thursday Night
New Orleans at Chicago (-3): I know the Saints have had some problems playing in
Chicago the past few years, but I think that offense is going to be too much for
Chicago to overcome. Teams have had success passing on them this season, and nobody
throws the rock better than Brees...
Saints 27 - Bears 20.

Green Bay at Jacksonville (+2½): The Jags have been terrible at home, while there
aren't any real glaring deficiencies in the Packers game. They just haven't been
nearly as good this year as last, and it has little to do with #4...
Packers 30 - Jaguars 20.

Detroit at Indianapolis (-17½): The Lions have a chance to do something special in
the upcoming weeks as the first ever 0-16 team during a regular season. I don't
think Indy will have any need to run it up on Detroit, who have played better away
from their home field all season...
Colts 30 - Lions 17.

Washington at Cincinnati (+7): Even though the Bengals are a complete disgrace
this season (and most seasons if we are keeping it real), I don't like the Skins
offense enough to lay a TD...
Redskins 21 - Bengals 17.

Tampa Bay at Atlanta (-3): I've done well backing the Falcons at home this year,
and see no need to change up now...
Falcons 31 - Bucs 26.

San Francisco at Miami (-6½): Never a good idea playing the west coast team
traveling east for the early game. The Dolphins at home have had some success, but
offensively I don't think they're a team that is good at laying anything over a FG.
Heck, the 49ers could march in the Joe Robbie, or whatever the hell its called and
steal this one...
Dolphins 20 - 49ers 17.

Seattle at St. Louis (-3): Both suck. Coaching difference is enough to lay the
Seahawks 28 - Rams 21.

Buffalo at Jets (-7): "Same old Jets" last few weeks, with a defense that has
broken down for no visible reason. "Same old Jets" philosophy works well here
though, as they usually are tough at home vs. Buffalo, a team who has folded up like
a pup tent down the stretch...
Jets 31 - Bills 17.

Tennessee at Houston (+3): Line looks very low for me, even though the Texans did
play Tennessee pretty tough earlier this year in Memphis. I don't think the Titans
stumble here though, they are too well coached...
Titans 26 - Texans 16.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore (-1½): Love Baltimore at home. Will be a very long day for
Ben Roethlisberger...
Ravens 30 - Steelers 13.

Denver at Carolina (-7½): Panthers are rolling, and have to continue to do so to
win the scrappy NFC South. Denver continues to under impress...
Panthers 30 - Broncos 19.

San Diego at Kansas City (+5): Since nobody on planet earth knows what to make of
San Diego, I'll take the Chiefs at home to cover. They nearly won big in Southern
Cal the first go around...
Chiefs 27 - Chargers 26.

Minnesota at Arizona (-3): Love Arizona at home. It doesn't hurt for them to know
what Minnesota is good enough to win this game too, so they won't mail this one
Cardinals 31 - Vikings 14.

New England at Oakland (+7): Okay, I'll give you the whole Seattle at home can be
a tricky opponent, and thus the non-cover last week for New England. This week's
opponent carries no such mystique...
Patriots 34 - Raiders 10.

Giants at Dallas (-3): Dallas is falling apart, and even though the Giants don't
need the game, losing to the Cowboys is never an option...
Giants 36 - Cowboys 27.

Cleveland at Philadelphia (-14): I like the Eagles to take advantage of a lousy
Brownies team, but the way Cleveland has played in the national spotlight it's tough
not to jump all over the gratuitous line here, with or without Dorsey...
Eagles 31 - Browns 24.

Bored? Stop in for a mental cocktail at Whitey's Pub!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Deals to be made

Phillies in talks to land DeRosa, while Moyer wants 2 years

It's quite fitting that this year's 2008 Winter Meetings are taking place in Vegas. This is the time of the year when teams take gambles. Sometimes they work out incredibly.

The Rays hit the jackpot when they landed Matt Garza for Delmon Young, who is turning out to be a jagoff.

The Phils hit the jackpot with Brad Lidge who was their MVP.

Both of these moves helped these respective teams to make it to the Fall Classic and the rest is his.

Ruben Amaro Jr. would do best to abstain right now. Who the hell wants the Phillies to help the Cubs land Jake Peavy? Are you kidding? And, the word around the proverbial grapevine has the Phils sending J.A. Happ (a future #2/3 starter) for Mark Derosa, who is a rich man's David Bell.

If the Phillies make that move, it would be David Bell Part Deux. DeRosa is an aging journeyman coming off a couple career years. And, Happ solidifies a rotation that may be without Jamie Moyer and in need of a replacement.

One of our flunkies at went up to Ruben at a crap's table in the Bellagio and put this to him and he had this to say, "I'm not going to comment on any of that. We don't comment on other team's players, but if you think I'm going to s**t the bed right away and start making bad moves then f**k you", said Ruben as he gave us the finger and walked away.

I personally don't think Amaro Jr. will do a bad job at this point. I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt and hope he's learned the lessons from Ed Wade's blunders and learned a good deal from Gillick about how to make those small moves to build a winner.

DeRosa for Happ would be a bigger mistake than swapping Polanco for Uggy Urbina. And, yes the Phils did win the World Series with Feliz, but imagine how good they would have been in '06 and '07 with Polanco in that lineup.

Rumbings and Grumblings

Jamie Moyer wants two years and $10 million annually according to Bill Conlin of The Phila Daily News.

Ruben Amaro Jr. isn't worried that the Mets signed Francisco Rodriguez.

Charlie Manuel gets his extension.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Eagles Draft History has you covered from Jay Berwanger to King Dunlap

Taking a different track today and unleashing a little something I put together with some research; the Philadelphia Eagles draft history.

I compiled the list of every single Eagles draft pick since 1936. What's insane is how many rounds their USED to be when football was small fries compared to the other sports.

Eagles Draft History


Monday, December 8, 2008

Giant Victory

Eagles pull off the upset in Sunday's 20-14 victory over the Giants

First off, we at would like to say congrats to Andy Reid and the Eagles on their resounding victory over the Giants. And, we will be the first to say when we're wrong on something.

We expected the Eagles to get bushwhacked by the Giants on Sunday because the evidence over the past 9-plus seasons suggested that Andy Reid would go into New York yesterday and try to beat a good team with a pass-first strategy. We felt the only way they'd win is if the Giants made plenty of mistakes. Turns out that wasn't the case.

Now, onto the game. This is what happens when you emphasize a balanced mentality on offense; good things happen.

Even though the Eagles had just 6 yards on their first 7 carries, Andy Reid decided to stick with it. Hell Brian Westbrook had a career-high 33 carries yesterday.

Let's not give the entire credit to the running game though. The Eagles' defense was terrific. And, Trent Cole's blocked field goal was as picturesque as Sedona Arizona at sunset.

"I was trying to impersonate Bobby Boucher, you know dude from that Adam Sandler movie", said Trent Cole as he got onto the bus after the game.

Judging from yesterday's victory you'd think the Giants just gave the game to the Eagles. And, the New York scumbag fans were in a frenzy after the game.

"Hey yo, the f**kin refs f**ked us the game. It was bulls**t call after bulls**t call and if there weren't those 40 mile an hour winds we woulda won", said a Giants fan as he cleaned up puke from his filthy sweatshirt.

Another Giants fan had this to offer. "Philthadelphia had a cheap ass victory and that's all the f**k I'm gonna say. If they woulda played us 100 times we woulda beat them f*gs 99 times", said another drunken Giants blowhard fan.

Isn't that what happened in the Super Bowl though? The Patriots played their worst game and the one time the Giants could have won out of 100 times, they actually did.

One of our reporters saw another Giants fan urinating on someone's lawn in the 'burbs of Jersey afterwards and they attempted to chase after them mid-urination when they saw our reporter had on an Eagles hat.

Suffice it to say Giants fans aren't a happy bunch. And, we couldn't be happier to see them miserable after a great victory.

Andy Reid was all smiles when we caught up to him back in Philly late last night. "You a**holes happy now? We ran it down their throats and we're winning", said Reid. Then we asked him if he'd continue to go with the balanced attack he had this to say. Reid said, "Look I may be stubborn, but I'm not an idiot. I know this team stinks if we pass 50 times a game. And, I still want to have a job next year."

What does this portend for the 7-5-1 Eagles? They now just have to leapfrog the Falcons and Cowboys for that 6th playoff spot.

All three of the Eagles' NFC East foes lost yesterday. And, Dallas has some brutal games coming up against the Giants, Ravens, and the regular season finale against the Eagles. The Eagles on the other hand have the Browns and Redskins up next.

With the Redskins imploding once again late in the year you can count them out.

As long as the Eagles continue to utilize a balanced-attack and getting the job done on defense, it's not unreasonable to think they can finish up 10-5-1 and sneak into the playoffs.

Does that make them a Super Bowl team? Not even close. Let's just see what they do these next three weeks first.

Friday, December 5, 2008

7-point Dogs

The Eagles head to New York a 7-point underdog

The amazing thing about Sunday's game coming up is that the Eagles are just a 7-point underdog to the Giants. These are two teams who headed in opposite directions since their last meeting.

Sure, the Eagles beat up on the Cardinals 48-20 on Thanksgiving, but let's keep it real and admit to ourselves that it was more a matter of the Cardinals heading East and suffering what NFL observers have termed "The West to East coast travel effect" during this 2008 NFL season.

The Giants are 11-1 and since their 36-31 defeat over the Eagles they are 3-0. The Eagles are 1-1-1 since they met and two of those games were hideous.

Don't tell that to Andy Reid though. He told us all is well in Eagle-land. "You guys on your blogs or whatever can say that I don't know what I'm doing as a coach, but I think we have a good football team. That Bakay a**hole who writes for your website can talk about winning close games, getting turnovers, and running the ball all he wants, but he needs to keep his mouth shut and let me do the coaching", said Reid as he stepped out of the bathroom.

Rich Hoffmann is drinking the Kool-Aid now. In his column on the Daily News he says "playcalling not the problem with Eagles' running game."

Huh? Really?

Is he watching the same Eagles team as the rest of us? I'm sorry, Andy Reid must not have called over 60 passing plays in the Cincinatti and Baltimore games.

We caught up to Mr. Hoffman today outside of the Starbucks on Walnut Street in Philly and he had this to say. "Look I know what I wrote is complete bulls**t, but that's my job when I'm taking a paycheck from Joe Banner. How come you guys aren't tougher on Eskin. He's been kissing Andy Reid's ass so much over the years he no longer has a sense of smell", said Hoffman as he sipped on his latte.

While that may be true to a certain extent, but Eskin didn't write this fluff piece, you did Mr. Hoffman.

Look at this gem right here, which stinks of the spin that only Joe Banner or Dave Spadaro could rival.

"The Eagles run the ball 25 times a game. The average NFL team runs it 27.4 times a game. That's it. That's the difference between Reid and typical - two play calls a game. People say that if they would just stick with it, they would be better at it - as if they never try. It isn't true. Yes, Reid likes to throw the ball a lot - but deal with reality."

The reality is Mr. Hoffman that in the Eagles' defeats this year they didn't emphasize balance. And, historically the Eagles are much better football club when they run the ball then when they aren't. Their record speaks for itself. They are 37-5 when they run the ball at least 30 times. That's a fact. And, another fact is they got knocked out of the playoffs every time when they called a plethora of passing plays.

After our little chit-chat with Hoffman, we happened to run into Sean Avery of all people who is spending his 6-game suspension in the area.

"Dude, the Eagles are a motherf***in' joke. Why even bother writing about them? They're not even worthy of being the Giants' sloppy seconds", said Avery as he grabbed his crotch.

Now, onto Sunday's game. What can we expect out of the Eagles? I'll say the same thing I said before the Ravens game. I expect Reid to think he's going to call over 50 passing plays and expect a win.

And, the Eagles will go home with their season down the drain once again. Nothing he has shown makes me convinced he'll do otherwise against a good team.

And, if this game does become a close game do you expect the Eagles to pull it out when they have just a 1-8 record in their last 9 games that were decided by 5 points or less? The Giants on the other hand are 10-1 in their last 11 games decided by 5 points or less.

He'll tell us after they lose that the season isn't over and they just need to keep "firing away."

Great. What has that accomplished? Oh, it's gotten them a 54-53-1 record over the past four years since that Super Bowl loss to New England in Jacksonville.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Phils After Lowe

Phillies and a mystery team make offer to Lowe

Word on the street is that the Phillies and a "mystery team" have made offers to Derek Lowe.

We at have figured out who that mystery team is.

It's not even a team in Major League Baseball. Nope. The Yomiuri Giants made a lucrative offer to Lowe in the range of $80 million over 4 years and partial ownership in their team.

An unidentified spokesperson for the Yomiuri Group, which owns the Yomiuri Giants said the following, "We're offering Lowe the real money. We offer him f**k you money. We want to give big f**k you to Major League Baseball and especially the Phillies. Bud Selig can suck on my b**s two times after this!"

Now apparently a darkhorse has entered the Derek Lowe sweepstakes. We're talking about Hugo Chavez, the president of Venezuela. Chavez has reportedly flown Lowe into Venezuela and is hoping to lure him to the Venezuelan Baseball league in hopes of raising the league's international profile.

"Nothing would bring more joy to me than to see Derek Lowe become the new face of Venezuelan baseball. Well, that and for Dick Cheney to have a stroke", said Chavez as he enjoyed a prime rib steak.

Now, if the Phillies can outbid the other suitors it would give them a formidable rotation with Hamels and Myers at the top, with Lowe as the number three starter. Blanton would be the four. And, there would be a myriad of possibilities at the fifth spot ranging from Jamie Moyer (if he re-signs), Kyle Kendrick, J.A. Japp, or Carlos Carrasco.

As of yet, no big-name players have signed anywhere. All eyes are still on C.C. Sabathia because the player's association is pressuring players to wait until the highest paid players sign so they can set the market.

Don't you just love the player's union? It's bad enough that you have the Scott BorASSes of the world ruining the game, then you have the union basically holding players hostage.

At the rate they're giving money away in baseball, the store is going to have to blow out a lot of merchandise to keep up. By the way, raise your hand if you're annoyed with their incessant emails about the so-called "blow out specials" and the buy one get one free specials. I took a look at their "blow out special" today and the only buy one get one free items which are eligible are complete junk. Sure, I just can't contain myself with the excitement I have of being able to purchase a Chris Carpenter bobblehead doll for 15 bucks. I wonder if it's arm falls off like his in real life.

Good luck with that.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Burress is suspended for the final four games of the regular season

Plaxico Burress was suspended by the New York Giants for the final four games of the regular season yesterday.

And, don't expect him to be on the field in the playoffs either.

Not that the Giants need him anyway because they are what...oh just 11-1 and since his 10 catch 133 yard game in week one, he's managed to catch just 25 balls for 321 yards.

We asked some Eagles fans about their thoughts on Burress' suspension and many are relieved.

Eagles fan #1 proclaimed, "F**k yeah dude this is great that Burress is gone for the year, I mean he's their #1 receiver and having a great season."

When we told Eagles fan #1 that Burress has basically s**t the bed the entire season he couldn't believe his ears and stormed off.

Another Eagles fan we spoke to agreed and said "Burress is an overrated bag of s**t and couldn't hold Mike Quick's d**k to take a p**s."

Whatever that means.

The bottom line is the Giants are getting it done with the best offensive line in football, a smash-mouth running game, and stellar defense. Eli Manning isn't put in a position where he has to win games and voila you have yourself an 11-1 football club.

We caught up to Burress at the Hard Rock Cafe and he had this to say.

"Whatever happens, it's all good man. I been in this game for 9 years and s**t. I still got my loot. Got my ladies. Got my bling. Got my ride. Got my nine you know. It aint not motherf***in' thing man if I never play in NYC again. I might just start a new career and s**t. I'm already working on some lyrics for my first rap album. I got my man Jerome ready to spin s**t and lay down some s**t in the studio. I already got my first song ready to go and it's called "She aint nuttin' but a hoe to me." Mark that s**t down it will be a hit! Double platinum bitches! So, I don't need football. If football don't need Plax, Plax don't need it. So, y'all can write that on your website and print that s**t. Alright, we're done here", said Burress as he was woofing down an overpriced hamburger and sipping on an insanely overpriced drink.

Seriously Hard Rock Cafe is to the food and bar industry what Acura's are to the car industry. Acuras are nothing more than glorified Hondas but cost much more. Well Hard Rock Cafe is an Applebees with overpriced crap.


The McNabbs have twins

Last night the news broke that Donovan McNabb's wife Roxie gave birth to a pair of twins.

A source inside the hospital tells us that McNabb wanted the papers to "keep his family members names out their mouths."

No names have been revealed for the twins as of yet.

And, we took the high road and didn't even bother trying to speak to him or try to track him down outside of the hospital.


The Sixers get off the schide

Breaking News! The Sixers won a game last night.

Yep, they managed to beat The Bulls 103-95 in overtime.

And, in other news Andre Iguodala still hasn't learned how to hit his jumper.

"Get away from me man. I aint talkin' to y'all. I just gotta work on my game and the game will come to me", said Iguodala as we watched him clank his 10th shot in a row off the rim in practice this morning.

The Sixers take on the Lakers tonight in South Philly.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Burress Gets Out

Plaxico Burress gets out on bail

So, the Giants are in turmoil right? Burress is looking at 3 1/2 years in the clink, Antonio Pierce is being investigated and all hell is breaking loose in The Meadowlands.

Not so fast. We caught up with Burress in an exclusive one on one on the streets of New York yesterday evening after he posted $100,000 bail on his weapons charges, thereby getting released from the joint.

"I aint worried about that s**t. It aint no thing. I know coach gonna let me do my thing when I come back and s**t and this will be history when my lawyer do his thing", said Burress as he sipped on a Remy Martin at a local bar.

We asked him how he feels about playing this Sunday against The Eagles. "I'm gonna make Lito, Sheldon, and Asante my bitches like I do everytime I face them chumps."

Antonio Pierce wasn't quite as forthcoming. "I aint talking to you fools. You motherf***rs are just trying to dig up s**t and I aint playing into it. I'm gonna knock you the f**k out if you come any closer", yelled Pierce.

Burress is officially back with the team and Tom Coughlin could really care less. Coughlin said, "Our team has gotten the job done with and without Plax. We're 11-1 and the Eagles and Redskins are a joke. And, the Cowboys have a tough schedule and can't catch us. We pity whoever faces us in the playoffs."


Andrews Done?

A renowned orthopedic surgeon was on with Angelo Cataldi and The Morning Team on 610 WIP this morning and he feels that it's highly unlikely Shawn Andrews will ever play football again.

He feels because of his back injury coupled with his mental issues, his career is likely over.

That's a far cry from preseason when Andrews returned and we expected him to contribute.

Shawn Andrews had this to say when we grilled him about it. "I will let this be in God's hands. Whatever he wants me to do, I'll do. If I don't play that's fine. I can just watch Sponge Bob Squarepants in my bedroom and I'll be happy", said Andrews as he was watching an episode of Spongebob Squarepants on his iPhone.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Getting The Message?

Sixers lay an egg after Mo Cheeks' speech on Saturday

Mo Cheeks reportedly delivered a message to the Sixers at practice on Saturday after an ugly loss to Boston on Friday night.

The players pulled a George Costanza and did the exact opposite of what he told them to do in taking a dump in yesterday's 103-92 defeat.

"I just try to do the opposite of whatever the coach says to us. If he says to go high, I go low. If he says to go into the paint, I try to run out of bounds", said Samuel Dalembert.

A few players on the Sixers have nicknamed Dalembert the preying mantis because he resembles one when he handles the ball on offense.

"That's cool man if they think I look like a praying mantis. I don't give a s**t. I just go out there and play. Sure, I'm making three times amount of money player like me should make, but I didn't put gun to they heads to pay me. I tell agent, make 'em pay me. He did so they pay me", Dalembert acknowledged as he was programming songs into his iPod at his locker.

Mo Cheeks is losing his mind watching the players make fundamental mistakes and he can't take it anymore.

"There's an old saying where I come from. You can't teach a dog how to take a s**t. You can't try to reach up the dog's a** to pull it out. You just gotta hope the dog can learn how to do that on it's own. Dribbling a motherf***ing basketball, passing the f***ing ball, and manning up on D is some fundamental s**t. If these guys can't do that, then why am I even coaching?", said Mo Cheeks.

Elton Brand was all smiles after the game though. Brand said, "I'm just glad I'm out of that s**thead franchise in LA. I mean, I came here for the money, but what player isn't doing this for the money? I'm just glad I got paid and now I can just ride this out and hope the team doesn't take a complete s**t this year."

The Sixers are now 7-10, last in their division and showing as much life as the zombies from Night of the Living Dead. The only thing more excruciating to watch than their horrific defense is the inept decision-making of Andre Miller, coupled with Dalembert's failures on offense. What has to boggle even a casual observer's mind is why Dalembert is being given more looks on offense.

Back to the drawing board Mo.


Plexiglass Burress turns himself in to the cops

Idiotic Giants receiver, Plexico Burress, who did his best impersonation of the character Cheddar from 8-Mile in shooting himself in the thigh, has turned himself into the police today.

Lost in all of this suspension talk is the real issue at hand and it's 3 1/2 as in 3 1/2 years, which is how many years in prison Burress is looking at for failing to carry a concealed weapons permit.

The penalty for violating this law is felony and the 3 1/2 years is without exception.

Burress has retained the services of high-profile defense attorney Benjamin Braffman who has defended mobsters.

An anonymous client of Braffman's had this to offer us. "If I were Burress, I wouldn't worry too much. Braffman knows the right people and he'll find some sort of loophole to get Burress off. And, if that doesn't work, he'll have the evidence tainted by the right guy. It worked for me when I whacked my brother in law for f***ing my wife. I couldn't eat for a week and then I got the call that the evidence got "fixed" and I was a free man", said the anonymous client of Braffman's.

When we mentioned this to Braffman he had us escorted away from him and shouted some obscenities at us.

Whether or not Burress plays this season should be irrelevant because the Giants are 11-1 and have done it largely without their so-called star wide receiver. They have arguably the best offensive line in football, their run to pass ratio is nearly 50/50, and their defense has been fantastic.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Eagles exhibit balance on Thursday night

The Eagles' running game was released from the witness protection program on Thursday night and the results were obvious.

48-20 was the final score and when Andy Reid was asked about balance on offense after the game.

"I tried to explain that," Reid said. "Efficient balance is . . . say you are running the football and for the first eight carries you average 1.2 yards, and you're throwing the football and averaging 10 yards per throw. To me, you're probably going to throw the football a couple more times than you're going to run the football.

"Efficient balance would be to get it up around 4 yards - 31/2 to 4 yards per carry - then let's have a good completion percentage, and let's go to work."

Rueben Frank grilled him further about it and Reid told him "he's probably right" and that he'd get his "little book out about the stats."

And, off camera when Reid was grilled about it further by our reporter on hand and he had this to offer. "Look I know my passing offense is a joke, but I'm in so deep that I have to continue to act like what I do is right. (cough) (cough) If I come out and say that passing the ball 50 times might not be such a good idea then I look like a complete a**hole."

As assistant coach on the Eagles chimed in with this nugget the day after the game at the Novacare complex. "I don't know how many times I tried to tell that a**hole (Reid) about running the godd**n ball more. Hell, just run the ball 7 more times a game. Andy, you'll be surprised to see the difference it makes. He told me to just shut the f**k up and let him run the team."

Ray Didinger spilled the beans when it comes to the Eagles and running the rock. Since 2000 when they have more rushing attempts than their opponent they're 52-10, and 37-5 when they run the ball more than 30 times.

Don't tell that to Andy though.

Brian Westbrook was giddy about his four touchdown performance. "About damn time Big Red let me do my thing. I was telling him that I was healthy and just let handle the rock. Look, I aint trying to hate on coach, but a blind man can see how good we are when we run the rock."

L.J. Smith threw a bottle of water at us when we asked him about his opinion on the Thursday night game. He's a little pissed at us about the you know-name of the blog and all.

The Eagles are off until next Sunday when they take on the Giants.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Blow it Up

When I think about the Giants anymore I am pretty envious. Hell, it borders on jealousy. They had one shot to win it all during their latest upswing and got the bleeping job done.

What comes to mind is the scene in Harold and Kumar when Anthony Anderson's character thinks of those tasty burgers at White Castle and how it's enough for him to "burn this motherf***er down."

With that said, it's time for the Birds to "blow this motherf***er up."

One of our insiders spoke of the prospect of blowing up the team to an unnamed source in the Eagles' organization. Here's what they had to say.

"Sure, we want to blow it up. Why the (expletive deleted) not? That means Reid must go though because if you mention "blow it up" to Reid and he thinks you mean the toilet after he takes one of his dumps following a meal from Wawa", said the unnamed source.

We ran into L.J. Smith after practice yesterday and he had this to offer. "I don't give a (expletive deleted) what they do. I'm just glad I suckered them into franchising my ass. Hopefully someone else thinks I'm not a stiff when I sign elsewhere next year", said Smith while drinking his 7th Corona at the Fox and Hound in Center City.

So, what about the game tomorrow night?

One of the coaches said we can expect the following in tomorrow night's game. "You'll get your usual 15 scripted plays. McScabb (I guess that's what the coaches call him now) will throw some worm burners at the receivers' (bleeping) feet and Reid will call passes on about 12 of those plays. They'll have a delay of game on at least one no huddle play. Then the defense will be on the field for 12 of the first 15 minutes, be gassed and game over. I'm just pissed I gotta miss the (bleeping) dinner for this sheep s**t."

This coach, who refuses to be identified despite not caring if he loses his job, had some other things to say about Reid and his kids but we will take the high road and not print it.


Utley's surgery is successful

Dr. Bryan Kelly said Chase Utley's surgery was successful. Then again, when the hell does a doctor not say a surgery is successful.

Sure, the doctor is gonna say this, "Yeah we (bleeped) up Utley's hip and he'll be lucky to be on the field in another year."

Ruben Amaro told us to leave him the hell alone when we tried to chase him down yesterday, but told the Daily News that "I don't think anyone can predict until he is into his rehab and moving around."

New Format

Starting today, we're going with a new format for the daily blog at I decided to call it the L.J. Smith blog, because he epitomizes the muck and crap that has become the Philadelphia Eagles. And, the Philadelphia Eagles deservedly so are our whipping boy in this town.

Now that the blog format has changed this doesn't mean I won't continue with my observations of our teams, rather think of it as an evolution for Rather than reveal the new style of my blog, I'll just let the words speak for themselves in the coming days and months.

I'd like to thank all of you for supporting my site and hope you enjoy the new format.

Dennis Bakay